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the Perfect Host (2011)

From the moment I saw the trailer I felt is going to be good. By chance I was right ;-).

Even though the trailer is largely deceiving and sets you up for a horror, the movie is actually a brilliant mix of thriller and psychological drama with a police background.
Highly enjoyable!


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the Tree of Life (2011)

This is a very profound movie and might not be everybody’s cup of tea.
The director is proposing a very grandiose but introspective way of presenting a simple story. I guess this is where we can discuss whether the story is more important than the way is told or the other way around. I haven’t understood all the things presented and chances are most of the viewers didn’t either, however, the most important is how you will receive the message and whether it is going to be pertinent for you. Worst case scenarios is going to be something you will not soon forget.

You can freely sample  the trailer without missing a bit from the movie.

Tree of life

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Biutiful (2010)

I passed the opportunity to see it 6 months ago as it is Spanish/English and at the time it wasn’t having english subtitles in the cinema. That was one good move ;-).

The movie is very dark and gritty, and it does make a big difference to understand all the dialogs. This is the kind of movies to make my day.
Javier Bardem is outstanding and so far he delivered in each movie an excellent role, from Mondays in the sun, to Mar adentro and No country for old men. He’s one of those actors not aging but maturing…


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In a better world (2010)

Prime example of an excellent dutch movie. I don’t get to see many of them but that’s why probably I like them so much.

I was trying recently to describe it to a friend of mine without spoiling it. Tough job.
It touches many aspects but and probably one of important ones is about how to teach values to kids, especially the difference between pacifism and cowardice. Somebody was keeping a lecture and touched upon Ghandi. It was unexpected for me to find out that Ghandi was saying that “if you cannot be pacifist, at least do something about those who wrong you and don’t be a coward”. It is sometimes too easy to judge than to practice, but important thing is to work with yourself.

Better world

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Bhutto (2010)

The life and history of Bhutto family, especially Benazir Bhutto.

This documentary is highly recommended, for one thing that I had extremely sparse info about the subject, and then it is an excellent snapshot of the political landscape of the region.
Initially I had the idea these things happened a long time ago, probably because of my deep ignorance in the history of Pakistan. I still would not go to live there, however, now I know why ;-).


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the Wire (2002-2008)

As everybody else, you get to do the things you never thought you’ll do.
And since I said I’m not going to endorse any series, serial or soap opera, here we go talking about the Wire…

Lately I found that there are so many serials and reality shows flooding the market that is bound to be “infected” with one. And you’ll probably swear that’s the single good one.
And again the odds are that if you do make a list of why is that, you’ll actually list down thing common for a dozen of other shows which although they fit the same pattern they’ll not wake your appetite. So if you are on the market with a number of hours to spend, how to make sure they’ll not be fully wasted?

Personally I do sampling of things recommended by others which have a similar interest with mine, see one or two episodes with a VERY critical eye and I am ready to cut my losses. And sometimes I get tricked into 1-2 seasons before I discontinue a series (Lost, Breaking Bad, 4400) and remain with a bitter taste from the number of hours wasted in the process. And this was the pattern until now.
And I came as well with a fail-safe rule: never start a series which is not fully closed.

Apart from the miniseries like the Extras, the Office UK, the only one passing with flying colors was the Wire. I could go on about the realism of the action, the characters, the good acting, so on and so forth. But I’ll just make a few points:
– I enjoyed every damn minute of it and although somewhere in the second season I had a pause and wonder moment, I had to see every episode.
– each of the 5 seasons is fully independent story and although each builds on top of the others, when a season is done, is done. Positive ending but closed case.
– each season is focusing on a different perspective of the same demographic, be that as in drugs, education system, politics, police work

My suggestion? Have a go, see 3 episodes and see if it fits.
If you can suggest anything in the same range, I would be interested to know about it…

the wire

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Hotii lui Vladut

Copii au o imaginatie debordanta dupa cum puteti vedea mai jos. in HD 😉

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Human Planet – BBC ONE

Think this will be a really interesting series.
The below trailer is a work of art on its own, well worth 3 minutes of your time.

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Defamation (2009)

Well, I’m afraid that whatever I would say about this movie can and will be used against me 😉

Never the less, I believe it is a fairly balanced documentary on the subject. Luckily the guy making it is a jew, otherwise he would end up stoned or stomped.

My take on it is resumed pretty well by the image below…


And if you are short of time, you can get a 5 minutes radiography below:

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Money as a debt (2006) & the Inside Job (2010)

Money as a debt is a low budget documentary using mainly animated characters to depict it’s extremely rich content, at least for those not specialized in finance. I would rather call it as economics for dummies and personally consider it as a “must see” for everybody. I appreciate the simplistic way it explains concepts which I was usually considering as a given: for instance who/what generates the money as value. I’m not talking on the actual printed banknotes but the money as a value concept. Not a simple topic… The documentary starts from very basics so give it ten minutes before dismissing it as “simple”. It is even available online if you settle for a lower image quality…

The Inside Job pics up the challenge of explaining how was and still is the previously explained mechanism used to actually make billions of dollars. This is not a conspiracy theory but quite documented and well researched movie. I find brilliant the opening:
Iceland: Population – 320.000 people
Gross Domestic Product- 13 Billions
Bank Losses- 100 Billions
If sounds interesting, see the rest of the documentary.

For the image below, Left to Right:

Henry Paulson (Former US Secretary of the Treasury), Ben Bernanke (Chairman of the US Federal Reserve) and Timothy Geithner (US Secretary of the Treasury; former President of the Federal Bank of New York)

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